Friday, February 15, 2013

Why 35?

At 8 years old Durant was playing on an AAU basketball team for Charles Craig. That was the first time he had ever been on a team. He was the tallest one and was very insecure, but Charles saw something special in him. He thought that Kevin was different from the other kids. Kevin went over to Charles house all the time and practiced drills and shooting,. They became very close almost like best friends. Charles Craig a.k.a. "Big Chucky" was supposed to be by Durant’s side when he signed his letter of intent to Texas, continuing the dream of becoming a professional basketball player. One of the reasons he never gave up this dream was because of his coach, he knew it would be hard but he still tried his best to do everything he could. Kevin sat in the Green Room on the night of the 2007 NBA Draft, eagerly counting down the final moments before he fulfilled his dream as the No. 2 overall pick. But Charles never showed up, Kevin was informed about his coaches death shortly after.
He died on April 30, 2005, he was the victim of multiple gunshot wounds. He was also 35 years old.
Since his freshman season at the University of Texas, Durant has worn jersey No. 35 in honor of Big Chucky. Charles had told him when he was 8 years old never to give up on his dreams and he never did.


  1. Awe this is sweet <3 --Bet you know who did this :)

  2. I love how you have so much information! -Chey